I just suddenly have a hunch to make blog. Maybe it is because I need to have blog for some reasons… but in the end I enjoy having a blog like this. Sharing to the world about whatever we like is really blissful. Especially when we get audiences, companions, someone who share the same interest… readers…

I will use this blog to share my opinion about something I like. And it can be anything, thus there is no particular focus in my blog.

I like Vocaloid, Utaite (especially clear, nero, Itou Kashitarou, Rib), Baseball anime (oofuri and daiya no A), Pokemon, Inuyasha, Harry Potter, and the world of J.R.R. Tolkien. So I might post about them in the near future.

May this blog be the place for you who share the same interests as I am. (Of course, my interest grows or diminishes over time, you’ll know by examining my blog in the future)

Thank you for your visit.

Now, go browse and find what you need or want in my blog (or others’).

[ADDED:::] I am sorry that I don’t have a menu or search box for you who want to browse more about a particular subject in my blog. I currently think I don’t need one, so please use the tagging system to search more about a particular subject in my blog. Tag is presented after the post, just before the comment section.
tagging system

You can click on a particular tag that you want to know more about and let the system show you my entries under that tag. Hopefully, you get what you want.

EDIT 2016.01.08: I’ve added a search box because just now I’ve realised that without one, it is a pain in the ass *meaning I experience it myself.

Again, thank you for your visit 🙂