Okay, now I want to talk about BL. So, what is BL?

BL is an acronym for Boys Love. Don’t get it? Well… another term for it will be ‘slash’. It is included in story’s category where man falls in love with someone from the same gender. Man x Man (M/M).

So do you get what I mean? Gay. Yep. They are also known in japan as ‘shounen-ai’, which highlights the cutesy and fluff part of this kind of story and as ‘yaoi’, which gives the reader a more graphical story of this kind of story. Yep, right. BL mostly manifests in form of fanfiction, manga, drama CD, visual novel (VN), and doujin.

So, why the hell do I call ‘BL is cute’??? Well, because I feel it is cute. I like BL.

I used to have no preference about this issue. I am neutral about them (still am, but that’s beside the point). I don’t think they’re disgusting or anything – just think that it is a universally knowledge that these kind of people exist, is all. But then I came across Hetalia, a webcomic about the personification of nations, and most of them is pictured as man.


What is a story without pairing, right?

And so, to get my feel in it, I l looked for Hetalia fanfiction and BAM! Full of BL (obviously). The nations’ interaction in the webcomic (and also in the anime) is so cuuuuute!!!! I know they can be shipped, even though they are, cough, pictured as men. So when I finally read the fanfiction, I fell in love immediately with BL since the characters are cute and the fanfic’s author is so clever at using their personality right in the story. The fanfic is captivating! The fanarts too!!

Even More Hetalia Meme by the-Blurple-mage
Even More Hetalia Meme by the-Blurple-mage
Germancest in the box by Hitomi-s
Germancest in the box by Hitomi-s

Thus I became accustomed to BL. But still have no interest in finding more BL story / material. Hetalia is enough. UNTIL My friends poisoned me with BL material. Not that I refused… because more stories, more enjoyment, right?

It marks my journey to BL world, apparently.

Now, instead of searching stories with normal pairing, I look for BL pairing. They are more exciting and cute, I don’t know why. I want to know what kind of setting they used to create the story, how various it is… makes sense or not, and how cute or hot it is. After all, there’s a slight differences in creating a BL story and hetero-pairing story.

However, to be noted that even if I like BL and is looking for more good BL material, I don’t hate hetero shipping. not at all. Because it is all back to how good is the story at capturing my feelings. Storyline matters.

All the material I used here belong to their respective owners. Credits:

1. Hetalia is not mine. It belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.

2. The meme I posted here belongs to the-Blurple-mage, a deviantart (dA) user [link]

3. The fanart of Germany and Prussia that I also posted here belongs to Hitomi-S, also a dA user [link]