I like this song so much… the melody is nice, the lyric is touching, and the art is so cute 😀
Itou Kashitarou also make a cover on this as well. It has been published in his Onkochishin (音呼治心) album, track no. 5. You can download it hikarinoakariost.info
To be honest, as much as I like Itou Kashitarou and GUMI’s version of this song, I like Amatsuki’s cover the best. His voice just fit this song so well…
I am really grateful to @miraclesmay for making and posting the romanization and also the english translation because I cannot catch every syllable perfectly. But I want to sing along… Thank you very much 😀
spread the love~ ❤


GUMI –  Sansou no Umi/ Sea of Oxygen酸素の海

Lyrics & Composition: Itou Kashitaro (伊東歌詞太郎)
Arrangement: Lefty Monster P (レフティモンスターP)
Song: GUMI (tonal mark: Taruto たると)
Movie: Emumelo 
Illustration: Kuwahara Souta (桑原草太)

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