University… It is such an obligatory education to get a good job in a good company. At least, that’s what society and our parents used to say. Still does. And it may become a general fact (or has it?), seeing how good company who can offer you big salary required you to at least have a bachelor’s degree.

But you are young. Most of you only know how to spend money. To have fun. To get what you desires… Who cares how to earn them, right? Because you don’t know how hard it is to get a single dollar, or in my case, rupiah.

That’s why your parent still directs you around. Sending you to a particular prep school, hiring a private teacher, watching you study under their eyes… study, study, and study. Get a good mark. Why? Because they want you to get into a good university / college, so in turn you will get a good job in a respectable company.

Of course, you can still have a job without studying in university to earn bachelor’s degree. You can have a job with your High School Diploma, but the salary is few and the work is mostly physical. You will be a labor worker. Not that they are a bad thing; they’re important. Without them, none of company’s product would be done. But since it is physical, it will tires you. Not that non-labor type of work does not tire you, but at least they are rewarded with a handsome salary, meanwhile those labor works are not.

So, it changes the status of university from secondary education to primary.

But, which major should you apply to in university?

I bet many of you used to think about this particular topic. Or maybe, you are thinking about it right now. I am no exception. This is a really common problem, not only in Indonesia (in which I am a citizen), but also in the other parts of the world. The education they put us through do not direct us into particular major at all.

Indonesia has two different type of senior high school (which I know perfectly well): firstly, a normal senior high school (SMA) in which you will later be sorted into at most (?) three majors that are applied science, social science, and languages course. Secondly, vocational high school (SMK) in which they offer you a specialized-course up to your preferences. Of course you need to find out yourself which SMK offers what you want to learn. Usually they offer practical course like cooking. I am happy for them who choose to enroll in SMK, because they already choose their path and I’m pretty sure they won’t waver anymore. Bless them.

How about those who choose to enroll in SMA? They usually do it because it is a normal course of action, or they simply do not give much thought into it, or they know what they want to be in the future and choose to enroll in SMA because it is needed. Which one are you?

To cut the long story short, enroll into SMA might be a good thing or a bad thing. You choose. A good thing because then you have more open preferences of which path you want to take in the future. And a bad thing because too much preferences give you a headache near your last year. And now you are at your wits as to what major you really want, or what major will suit you perfectly.

Why this is happened? Because student is rarely introduced to work world / society world. They don’t know how many kind of job existed in this world. The one they know is only the one they’ve seen in television, and most of them only know job that is mentioned in particular. For example: doctor, teacher, journalist, news presenter, singer, actor / actress, architect, chef…

Most of them don’t know the job description of these particular profession. Even if they really want to pursue these jobs, most of them also ignorant to the fact of how to be qualified in getting those kind of job.

That’s why, I commented, our system of education (Indonesia and High School education in particular) is still lacking. They didn’t guarantee us to get a preferable job. They only guarantee us to get into a good university. In other words, we are forced to enroll into a university. ‘Nuff said.

By writing this, I’m not saying that I can guide you to a more suitable major in university, no. However, I wish to make your load a bit lighter by giving you some suggestions.

So, what should yo do in this kind of situation?

First, know what you want. Or what you do best. Confusing, still? Yes, you may want a lot of things, or you may not know what you do best at all. Think again. Think about your future. What is it that you want to do in your future? You want to travelling? You want to sit behind desk and working on something? You want to look at people? You want to help people? Or you want to sell something? You want to create books, or simply enjoy reading books? They are two different things. So, think carefully. You love meeting lots of people? You enjoy learning cultures? What? You want to be a professional soccer player? You just want to be with computer all your life? You want to create your own PC game? You want to be a designer?

And… do you draw good? or bad? But you have much more ideas? You always know what you want to draw? You can play many instruments? You can type fast? You can use many computer programs? You can do any presentation well? You can makes everyone laugh with your jokes? Are you good at mathematics? Your experiments is fun and well-done? You can make an interesting video?

Find your abilities and know what  you want. Think again!

Second, In high school there is always an university expo at least once a year. Use this chance well. Don’t worry about getting yourself embarrassed. You need to prioritize what you want. You want to know something, then you ask away. Visiting every booth, and ask everything. Every university offer different majors. Ask them at least these questions: what is that major about, what will you do there, and what will you become after graduating from that major. If you have more questions, ask away. It is the reason why they are there in the first place. Also, there can be a some similar major in many universities. Don’t worry. It only means you need to find out which one of them is the best place to learn your interest. You may want to concentrate of what facilities that university can offer you in comparison to the other choice (like, the laboratory, clubs, communities, library, and other things)

Third, ask your school consultant. In Indonesia, it is called ‘Bimbingan Konseling’ (BK). This is one of the reasons they are existed in school. Coming to them doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad student. It means, you need help. You can share your doubt and worry to them. They will offer you advice and guide you to a preferable solution. They will ask a lot of question but don’t be scared. It is for your own good. And be honest, so their solution can fit you well.

Fourth, know what job you want. By knowing what job you want, you know what major you need to enroll to. And you can go back to my third advice after that.

And that’s the end of my blog. I hope by reading this, you know the importance of education, what it means to enter the work world, the role of university in this matter, and what sort of action you need to do to know which major you need to apply in university.

This is my very first blog. It is fun writing like this. But it took a long time for me to pour my idea into words. I hope my argument and suggestion can be of help to you who are confused or even think that education is not important at all.

If you notice grammatical error and the likes, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Lastly, Thank you for your visit. Feedback is appreciated. Question is also warmly welcomed.